March 10, 2017

Amy & Graham | Backyard Barn Wedding

A Blessing in Disguise

Amy and Graham’s wedding day at her parent’s property just outside of Orillia has an unexpected turn of events.

There is so much planning that goes into a wedding day. So many little details that can be controlled. One thing out of our control is mother nature. A couple’s worst fear is rain on your wedding day. Fortunately on a rainy summer day the rain turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Amy and Graham met in university and over the years their love grew. Graham quickly realized how important family was to Amy and when he proposed they immediately thought there was no better place to get married then in the comfort of her parent’s backyard.

Days before the wedding there was a downpour of rain. It only poured harder on the day of. The ceremony was supposed to take place outside so the whole family pulled together and moved everything into the family’s barn. This unexpected turn of events proved what can happen when family comes together. The barn setting turned out to be even more beautiful than the backyard. The sound of rain of the roof and the rustic walls of the barn covered in beautiful memories of Amy and Graham couldn’t have felt better.

In some cultures rain on your wedding day symbolizes cleansing and fertility and believe it or not rain can make your video pop. Overcast skies create soft even light and even boosts the saturation, making the final product stand out even more.

One of my favorite parts of the day was convincing Graham to be apart of a skit with his groomsmen. Graham pretended he had cold feet while his groomsmen chased him down and tied him down. Nerves can get high the day of and little humor often lightens the mood.

Not everything will always go as planned, as a videographer I’ve learned to embrace the change and use it to your advantage. Expect the unexpected.

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